A Project started to provide Free and Paid Computer Based Certification Programs. Initiated on 06-05-2007 to provide Free and Paid Computer Certification Courses especially to students in various Domains also for Private Organizations. This site is completely dedicated to I.T. and Security, and its fully supported,  maintained and used by Ethical Hackers and Security Professionals world wide. We strive to give you the best possible insight into the field of Security. This website will help you to know how hackers think, work,  which tools they use and things that you should know to protect your privacy as well. Our aim is to provide you the valid information and the concept of security. The team strength is our secret of success. We and NAG (National Anti Hacking Group) working together to bring Computer Courses in blended Elearning Format which makes learning easier and comfortable. Satisfaction Guranteed for any course that you Enroll.

The term “Hacker” has a Dual Usage in the Computer Industry today.


 Originally, the term was defined as:


1. A person who enjoys learning the details of computer systems and how to stretch their capabilities—as opposed to most users of computers, who prefer to learn only the minimum amount necessary.

2. One who programs enthusiastically or who enjoys programming rather than just theorizing about programming.

                                                                                                                                                                                        - C.C Palmer, IBM Systems


We are here to provide you the Updated Information in Vulnerabilities, Exploits, Viruses, etc., You will be Learning in an Environment where you will find A HUGE Collection of Hacking & Security Tools, Free Proxies, General Computing, Basic Networking Concepts, Programming Stuffs, Several Web-development Tools with their Tutorials... You will be Learning this Course with 300+ Tools. Its completely an E-learning Based Training Session.


“As per IDC, the worldwide demand for IS Services was approximately $8 billion in 2001, estimated to grow to $23.6 billion by 2006.Correspondingly, there is a growing demand for IS professionals - this research pegs the current demand for IS professionals at over 18,000 in India and over 60,000 worldwide. This is estimated to grow to over 77,000 in India and 188,000 worldwide by 2008.”


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